The Space Dollars Society

Join The Society

So... what are Space Dollars?

"Imaginary money", or whatever we make of it.

It started with Terra's first NFTs.

In a way, they are part of this history.

And... what is The Society?

Through Space Dollars we formed a community.

We found other true LUNAtics, united in our belief in Terra and its potential to revolutionize the way we live and do business.

Our mission is to invest, build, and grow the Terra ecosystem.

So we created a dope place to hang out with other like us.

Using SDOLLAR as the entrance token.

But, what's in it for you?

In The Society, we believe in value for value. We are committed to rewarding our members for their contributions and to provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Like what?

  • Sharing the alpha and strategies.
  • Bringing gigabrain guests.
  • Finding opportunities to invest as a group.
  • Funding and building projects (such as Lootopia!)
  • Getting support from other members of The Society.
  • Networking.
  • And more!

How do you access it?

1. Go to the Space Dollars discord.

2. Acquire 10,000 SDOLLAR from TerraFloki's DEX.

3. Link the wallet to the Lunar Assistant bot.

The Guilds of The Society

In order to achieve our mission, The Society will have several guilds in charge of different activities.

The Gem Hunters:

Finds new projects, dissects them, understands them and analyzes in order to see if it’s a good investment or funding for the Society.

The Mindbenders:

Creates strategies to promote projects which the Society has invested or built, as well as the whole Terra ecosystem.

The Messengers:

Promotes the Terra ecosystem and The Society to new people and helps them get started. Coordinates with The Mindbenders for strategy purposes.

The Watchers:

Keeps the community informed on what’s happening in all the other communities, outside and inside Terra. All-seeing-eye of the society.

The Architects:

Builds projects based on the Society’s needs and vision. This can be anything from a DApp to marketing tools and anything in between.

The Oracles:

Provides analytical insights on the Terra ecosystem and individual projects to help the Society make informed decisions.

The Degenerates:

Masters in creating fortune out of bold strategies. Experts in farming, staking, borrow loops and trading. Provide DeFi strategies to The Society.

The Diplomats:

Ensures that peace exists inside and outside The Society. Including the Terra ecosystem.

  • Internal Affairs: Ensures peace inside our community. Moderates and encourages positive discussions and attitudes. (Peace Keepers and Order)
  • External Affairs: Ensures peace outside our community. The good face of Space Dollar Society. (Ambassadors and networkers)